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Do you miss the TV and rush home to see your favourite music videos? You need not worry anymore. The internet revolution serves movie videos old and new. Just type in your favourite song or artist and you can check out the video.

So no more waiting all day long just to see Madonna's latest track or Lata Mangeshkar singing to you. Save the video in your hard drive or cut a cd and the song is with you forever. This way you keep your collection of favourite videos instead of waiting for the artist or the music company to release it.

Sometimes the artist releases one video from the album to incite interest and make a music lover go out and buy the album. Hence you normally will find one or maximum two videos from one album that gets released. However if all the songs in the album are a hit then all the songs are made into videos, like Madonna's, the Beatles etc.

There are sites that are legal and do not infringe rights so you can rest assured you are not pirating. The site will claim that it is safe and the artists have allowed the site to release the video. If there are too many details asked before you get the video, then be a bit alert and if they are asking you for your credit card number on a non pay site then it is definitely a fake site.

Legal Video MP3 songs websites and resources:
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are a few of the hundreds of sites available to download video songs. As blogs are getting even more common many share their favourite music videos, you can search your video songs according to the genre and type the blog community.

You can also seek advice from a professional or friend who is an internet geek. Learn a few dos and don'ts. The rest you will learn it yourself.