How To Download Free Songs

You can't wait to get your hands on the latest track by your favourite artist. So you go on the search engines digging it out. Well make sure the artist has given a green signal to that else you are pirating.

When an artist releases an album, some of the songs are uploaded on the net so you can have a feel of the entire album. This way you know what you are purchasing before you break the CD seal.

Downloading your favourite song is like searching a pin in a haystack. So here are a few pointers to follow for a smooth sailing downloading. Begin by making a list of all the songs and artists you want to hear. You can know the latest numbers on radio, VH1, MTV or other music channels.

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too have the lists on them. If you missed a song on the radio or could not understand the name of the artist or the song, log on to their website. The latest tracks played are mostly listed.

Next get on to some search engines. Like Google and type in index and the name of the artist. You can also type mp3 and the name of the artist. You will be taken to a site that lists all the songs of the particular artist. You can also get artists by alphabetical order.

Sometimes record companies upload snippets of the video or the track to stimulate interest in the song. You can follow the link or paste the name of the artist in Goggle as suggested above. You can also log on to iTunes Music Store and download the application. Then go to the link of Free On iTunes and check out all the tracks available.

Another few music sites that you can log on to are :

But a few of the all time favourite is,,

If you know the artist then he probably has a website too. Log on to his or her website and probably the song is downloadable there.

Music aficionados too have blogs of the best tracks available. Check out on, you ain't no Picasso, guess I'm floating for Indie songs.

For the pop and rock genre get on to my old Kentucky Blog I am Fuel, you are friends.

Similarly there are blogs for hip hop, trance, western and the type you want. Make sure you have the name right so you get the right song.