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Tamil songs have a great fan following making it one of the most sought after language in India. Also as the words in the music sound sweet and rhythmic it draws non-Tamil listeners too.

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The music that is most sought on the net include that of A.R. Rahman, Vidyasagar, Joshua Sridhar and D. Imaan.

Tamil songs have a lot of momentum in them. It brings energy just by listening to it. Imagine dancing to its tunes. The videos of the songs too are full of energy. Reason why the Tamil music industry is steadily growing at 28% per annum.

The majority of Tamil songs flood from the flourishing movie industry. But of course Tamil has a healthy repertoire of folk, Carnatic and devotional songs. Topping the charts with glamorous hits are A.R. Rahman and Illayaraja.

The downloading trend though most debated about steadily increasing. It is mostly indulged by people who do not want to buy the whole album or people who want to buy the album so hear a song or two from the album, then knowing if they should spend or no. Mostly it's the youth who download Tamil songs. As they want to be in trend and catch the latest that is out on music.