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Punjabi songs have come to the forefront only a few years ago. Until then it was confined to the lush and green Punjab itself. As many of them have settled in England and America, singers emerged with the foreign accent but desi style. Punjabi rhythm and words have been used extensively in hip hop and rock & roll.

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Punjabi songs have gotten so popular over the world that singers and musicians engage in bhangra. Nelly Furtado the Portuguese singer has had some of her songs remixed with bhangra and the songs have been a world hit.

The Bombay Rockers is a group that mixes English and Punjabi lyrics and music to produce hit songs. Most of the pubs and lounges world over play Punjabi music to entertain their guest. Most importantly at Indian weddings bhangra music and dancers make the wedding complete. Without which the fun is said to be missing.

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