Devotional Songs

Religion gives an essence to ones being. Even if one is not able to go to the place of worship everyday, what is required is devotion from anywhere. So you could be in office or at home, travelling or waiting for someone to arrive, you could just look up and make a small prayer to god.

Songs in the praise of god are soothing and bring peace of mind to the listener. Hence devotional songs are much in demand more than decades ago. In the beginning people would wait for a song to be aired on radio. But not anymore, CDs were soon available of a particular singer or a mix of the best devotional songs. Not only in English, but in every regional language. And today devotional songs are also available on the net.

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Some all time devotional Indian favourites that get downloaded are Om chants, Om Namashivaya, Sakti, Mantras, Swamiyae Saranam Ayyappa and Sivan Potri are a few to name.

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Devotional songs can also be classified into bhajans and kirtans. Bhajans are songs that fill the soul with peace and are known to calm even the most short-tempered. It brings balance and daily work does not seem cumbersome once you at peace with yourself.

When bhajans are chants that are repeated verses they are termed as kirtans. There are many who have brought light to this form of music. In the medieval ages there was Tulsidas, Surdas, Kabir and Meera Bai. Many people get together in the evenings to raise their blessings to Lord Rama and Krishna. These bhajan madalis have existed since half a century ago till date. All these bhajans are even available on the net. And if you have a good repertoire of songs then you can upload it for the benefit of people searching for some more songs.

These bhajans also help in meditation as one has to close their eyes and concentrate on the words and the music of the bhajan. As the body sways from side to side all tensions seem to release and mind goes into deep meditation. So get some devotionals songs today to elevate your life.