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Long gone are the days when people loved the gramophone and heard it rotate the entire day. Radio consoles were the next thing and as if someone pressed the fast forward button on life, to the future is here with music download.

Music now is everywhere. You do not have to carry the heavy music systems with you for some scintillating rhythm. Just press a button on your phone, I-pod, mp3 and music comes alive. One even does not have to wait for their favourite artist to release their album, as it can be downloaded from the live show they performed or music album on the net.

Downloading has a few dos and don’ts you must follow else virus can enter your console and hang it. While downloading from the net make sure you are going to genuine sites. They connect you directly to the music video or track or lyrics. While the fake ones sometime make you open more and more windows that ultimately lead to a virus trap. When asked to enter your personal details like birth date and address the site is mostly not genuine as you do not have to give you details just for a song.

Genuine pay sites sometimes do not allow you to share a file. In case a friend shares the video from you a virus is activated. Hence making it difficult, for people to share music files for free.

Also if you receive an email for a download site, a spoof email and the main url will never be the same. So make sure you are aware of the url site. If they ask for credit card numbers and personal details, you are on a fake site.

Ask around, there will be someone among your friends who downloads songs and know the right procedure. Just see them do it and you will get a hang of it.

From the variety of sites available you may wonder where to download free songs from.

Legal Free MP3 songs websites and resources:
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3. Apple – I tunes,
and even MTV has its own repertoire of songs.

Happy downloading!